The new post-punk dark-pop band Silvia speaks released their debut single 'Pleasant Company Included'. Together with the new song, the band presented a series of photographs and a video teaser, proudly created in cooperation with our architecture enthusiasm platform Hipsight. One of the spots we've offered the band for the photo shoot was a dilapidated
Placed on top of the Bradlo mountain, Mohyla, a monument of European importance is the final resting place of Slovak scientist, aviator, photographer, diplomat, and army general M.R. Štefánik. With its positioning in the landscape and its compositional, spatial and material concept, the site represents the ultimate work of European monumental architecture. The site built
When we arrived on site of former print house building Svornosť (Unity) in Bratislava in late October 2017, much of the abandoned stock, equipment and furniture was already gone. However, close to the entrance corridor to a huge two-floor open space there was a rusty office chair covered in dust. Although, we've recognized this modernist
In the late 1920s, Albertus and Gésine Sonneveld commission architects Brinkman and Van der Vlugt to design a family home. The bureau had previously designed a factory for Van Nelle, where Sonneveld was director of the tobacco department. Inspired by his business trips to America, he has all kinds of technical gadgets installed, like a
A full take from the Fashion LIVE! 2018 after party featuring a unique fashion-dance performance "AGÓNIA" for the PUOJD collection by fashion designer Michaela Bednárová. This non-traditional performance was realized inside amazing theatre-like space of the former book print house Svornosť (Unity) during the building retrofit into a loft housing.   FASHION PERFORMANCE "AGÓNIA" by
It's always great to see how the art develops inside of unique spaces of strong though sometimes hidden architectural qualities, such as happens in the case of former print house Svornosť (Unity) in Bratislava. The emptying, removal of machinery and equipment in Svornosť building, originally designed for industrial purposes, has created a temple-like aura of
  Functionalist and minimalist design approach have joined together in the renewal of the interior office space located in the administrative high-rise of the iconic Istropolis building complex in Bratislava. The complex was conceived in the late 1950s as the main administrative, cultural and research center for the then very influential labor unions. It was
  During the late 2016 and subsequently in the early 2017, together with my friends we had an opportunity to admire and photograph amazing industrial spaces inside abandoned multi-storey printing house Svornosť (Unity) in Bratislava. It was shortly before the start of retrofit works that would convert the former industrial space into a loft-like apartment