It's always great to see how the art develops inside of unique spaces of strong though sometimes hidden architectural qualities, such as happens in the case of former print house Svornosť (Unity) in Bratislava. The emptying, removal of machinery and equipment in Svornosť building, originally designed for industrial purposes, has created a temple-like aura of
  Functionalist and minimalist design approach have joined together in the renewal of the interior office space located in the administrative high-rise of the iconic Istropolis building complex in Bratislava. The complex was conceived in the late 1950s as the main administrative, cultural and research center for the then very influential labor unions. It was
  During the late 2016 and subsequently in the early 2017, together with my friends we had an opportunity to admire and photograph amazing industrial spaces inside abandoned multi-storey printing house Svornosť (Unity) in Bratislava. It was shortly before the start of retrofit works that would convert the former industrial space into a loft-like apartment
  Thanks to architecture walk organized by Slovak National Gallery, I've had an opportunity to visit and photograph a cultural monument of Slovak avant-garde architecture, Nová doba (New Age) estate, a residential complex at Vajnorská Street in Bratislava, Slovakia. The complex was built in 1932 according to the work of architects Fridrich Weinwurm and Ignác
  This short film is part of an urban exploration art project call sign 'Bar & Jane in da Loft'. The project was realized inside abandoned book print factory Svornosť short before it was being retrofitted to a loft multipurpose building. Bar and Jane are 'comics & costume' kind of figures with supernatural powers. Independent

NEW ART SERIES: 30 000 Feet.

  Thanks to the support of my friends Robo and Milan, and for their generous sharing of space and thoughts, I've been able to make a 'first-shot' exhibition for a series of minimalist 'airplane travel' paintings that I made back in 2015. The exhibition took place at an amazing loft-like space of a former book


This is CHEERS to Barbie for her 31th birthday! CHEERS (Bar) made by a widespread collective of one-night artists.
Hipsight is a platform for collections of my visual interests, be it through the medium of photograph or through video. As a featuring image, I've selected a photo of myself with archaeological remains of the world's most common 'monobloc' chair; manufactured in millions. Seen from a distance, the chair resembles an H sign. Now, enjoy