This lovely 'U-fleur' bouquet is a gift to my auntie Erika for her newly refurbished apartment.   By the way, U stands for 'Underground'.   See more from the collection here.


This is CHEERS to our Jane for her 31th birthday! CHEERS (Jane) made by a widespread collective of one-night artists.
In the deep forest, there is Hollow Rock. From the belly of the Rock they harvest U - mineral - urban, commercial, violently plastic packed and supernatural. U stands for 'Urban'. Review the entire collection here.


This is CHEERS to Milo for his Master of Arts!   Our team: Nosegay made by Mademoiselle Renata Zaprazna, sparkling wine made by Freixenet, and CHEERS! made by Monsieur Pavel Hache.
My darling Gold Digger,   This path we are on is unpredictable, mysterious, profoundly challenging, and yes, even fulfilling. It is a path we choose to embark on together and for all the brambles and obstructions that might appear on our way, I have no regrets. In fact, all of our difficulties have shown me