Cheers Jane!

(acrylic on cartoon, 2015)

Cheers Bar!

(acrylic on cartoon, 2016)

Cheers Milo!

(acrylic on cartoon, 2015)

U-Fleur Bucket for Aunt Erika

(paper waste, thread, acrylic paint, and wooden frame, 2014)

My darling Gold Digger (Mein Herz gehört dir)

(fiberboard, paper waste, thread, and wooden frame, 2014)


(acrylic and sand on fiberboard, 2015)


(acrylic and sand on fiberboard, 2015)

Venus & Mars from Generation Y

(fiberboard, metal, sand, and acrylic and synthetic paint, 2014)

Bailaora de Flamenco

(wood and stone, 2011)

Monsieur Palette

(fashion magazine, candle, and palette, 2010)

Madame Palette

(fashion magazine, sea shells and palette, 2010)