The new post-punk dark-pop band Silvia speaks released their debut single 'Pleasant Company Included'. Together with the new song, the band presented a series of photographs and a video teaser, proudly created in cooperation with our architecture exploration platform Hipsight.

One of the spots we've offered the band for the photo shoot was a dilapidated lounge in the interior of iconic late-modernist building complex of Istropolis in Bratislava. Silvia speaks liked the idea and helped us to move it forward providing constant creative feedback that finally resulted in some unforgettable photographs that hopefully cope with the atmosphere of the new song.

Described by the band as the "iconic ruin", the lounge is located above the top 14th floor of the office building of the Instropolis building complex. For the sake of enhancing the atmosphere of the space and linking it with the meaning of the song, we've recreated the interior of the lounge in a minimalist fashion by complementing it by few fallen apples in vibrant color of International Klein Blue.

The white spiral staircase leading to roof terrace overlooking the city center placed in the lounge in between the two halls formerly used for meetings of then very influential Labor Unions, was the leading element of the photo shoot, perhaps suggesting the IKB apple tree and reinforcing the uplifting melodies of the song.

'Pleasant Company Included' song is musically based on a combination of piano, synth sounds, electronic drums and guitar. The atmosphere is enhanced by the production of Adam Dekan (Gladia Moony, Sine Ray, Alapastel). The new song opens with a minimalist intro, in the second part of the track resulting in a dynamic chorus, and finally allowing the return of the initial theme as a variation on the outro.

According to the band, linking the single with the story of abandoned lounge in Istropolis, an iconic building with uncertain future, is not coincidental. It draws attention to the parallel worlds that we live in our own heads and those that we even don't want to be real.; we long for them, yet they do not really exist.

The monumental red carpet for imaginary figure set in the 'Pleasant Company Included' is also the story of a magnificent yet nowadays nearly abandoned Istropolis complex; only a few people know about this amazing space.


All photographs by Pavel Hache. Special thanks to Ceedo for technical support. Part of the information was taken from band's official debut single press release on music portal as from band's music and social sites. Bratislava, 2019.
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