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U-FLEURS: Bouquet for auntie.

This lovely ‘U-fleur’ bouquet is a gift to my auntie Erika for her newly refurbished apartment. By the way, U stands for ‘Underground’. See more from the collection here.

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This is CHEERS to our Jane for her 31th birthday! CHEERS (Jane) made by a widespread collective of one-night artists.

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NEW ART SERIES: Minerals from ‘Hollow Rock’.

In the deep forest, there is Hollow Rock. From the belly of the Rock they harvest U – mineral – urban, commercial, violently plastic packed and supernatural. U stands for ‘Urban’. Review the entire collection here.

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This is CHEERS to Milo for his Master of Arts!   Our team: Nosegay made by Mademoiselle Renata Zaprazna, sparkling wine made by Freixenet, and CHEERS! made by Monsieur Pavel Hache.

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NEW ARTWORK: An open (love) letter to Ms. Gold Digger.

My darling Gold Digger,   This path we are on is unpredictable, mysterious, profoundly challenging, and yes, even fulfilling. It is a path we choose to embark on together and for all the brambles and obstructions that might appear on our way, I have no regrets. In fact, all of our difficulties have shown me […]

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