When we arrived on the site of former print house building Svornosť (Unity) in Bratislava in late October 2017, much of the abandoned stock, equipment and furniture was already gone. However, close to the entrance corridor to a huge two-floor open space there was a rusty office chair covered in dust. Although, we've recognized this modernist design beauty immediately, it took us a week or two until we finally decided to ask our friends-owners whether we could take the chair and refurbish it.

One year has passed until the chair was finally refurbished. The design intention was to mimic the original head-office look of the chair. We decided to use affordable materials for that purpose instead of luxurious ones - mimicking of a certain kind of faked feeling of luxury, so typical for the 90s era. Another studio project - a Japanese-made TV from the early 90's, transformed into a surrealist object of a toe of an elegant lady, became a natural extension of this rather sculptural work. The addition of 'TV-Woman' object-sculpture supported the new (residential) context of Svornosť building, and created a scene for a fictional story taking place somewhere in industrial-like loft interior of the building.

Meanwhile, the 'Loft Chair' itself acts as a survivor, a physical product of spacial and historical experience through several site explorations, art performances, and even architectural analysis that we organized, conducted, and enjoyed inside the impressive open-space of the building between 2016-2018; the former print house whose production was stopped in the late 90's was left abandoned, later rediscovered and now being converted into a residential loft-like apartment building. The sculpture-object 'Loft Chair and TV-Woman' remains a small memorial of this transformation.

Loft Chair & TV-Woman art installation by Pavel Hache, 2018. Studio photographs by Zsolt Balajti, 2019. Model: Marika C. Loft interior photographs by Pavel Hache, 2018. Location: Tlačiarne Svornosť. Special thanks to Milan and Robo for their great support.
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