A-R-T Gazette is an virtual artwork, and also a database for sources of my inspiration housed on Tumblr. A-R-T Gazette was launched on December 2012. The main reason behind this was that I've been looking for a platform where I would be able to publicly exhibit my sources of inspiration and identify my areas of interest.
The word A-R-T is an abbreviation of the words Architecture, Research and Travel. The content of A-R-T Gazette is mainly focused on research of the effects of urbanization on society with all its glories and downfalls offering different perspectives on the subject. In general, the content stream tends to be in line with the artist's STATEMENT.
Words from this statement and their derivatives are used as a reference line, and thus are introduced into A-R-T Gazette in form of search tags. Due to the research aspect of A-R-T Gazette, changes to the current artist's statement are expected, welcomed and inevitable. A-R-T Gazette evolves because of its discoverer approach.
I use my personal photographs taken during my own research or travel, and also works created by others, but with a self-imposed condition to search for some sort of relationship with the current stream of pictures appearing on a virtual A-R-T Gazette's 'canvas'. This constant search for relationships between these sources of inspiration leads to an endless virtual collage-scroll kind of artwork.

The general structure of A-R-T Gazette was inspired by two main sources; The first one was an ancient Chinese scroll entitled The Kangxi Emperor’s Southern Inspection Tour (1691-1698), scroll seven, which I’ve discovered through David Hockney and Philip Haas documentary Day on the Grand Canal with Emperor of China, and the second one has been Michael Stipe and his blogging approach on confessionsofamichaelstipe.tumblr.com.


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