A platform for spatial exploration and local intervention with particular focus on architecture, art, music, and performance.

Hipsight searches for overlaps between disciplines, as well as for the alternative, underground, avant-garde and the non-traditional.

Hipsight embraces collaboration between friends from broad variety of fields including (and not limited to) visual arts, science, architecture, urban planning, engineering, music, theater and dance performance, as well as history, photography and film making.

Hipsight is curated through the mediums of photography, video, and writings on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogk page on the Studio website, respectively.


HiPsight on Instagram


As a featuring image, a selfie photo of Pavel with archaeological remains of the world's most common 'monobloc' chair; manufactured in millions. Seen from a distance, the chair resembles an H sign.

Hipsight on YouTube


As a featuring video, a short film from an urban exploration project call sign 'Bar & Jane in da Loft'. The project was realized inside former book print factory Svornosť short its retrofit into a multipurpose loft-type building.